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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 2

Hunger 'Fangs' 

I am going to dedicate all of day 2's post to hunger pangs.  At the start of every diet most people don't make it past the 3rd day hump. Most people can get through the first day because of the excitement, but by the second day every craving you ever had starts coming out of the wood works. Every anxiety, panic attack, pain and excuse to stop your diet and give in to your old habits hit you the hardest. From most diet blogs I have read, the second day hump is the result of your body beginning to detox itself of free-radicals from unhealthy foods and stress you had previously. So lets say you had a chocolate milkshake, two days before, well that shake is still being processed in your intestines, so by the time the 2nd day comes around it has entered your blood stream and has left a memory/addictive chemical in your body, instigating the body to replace it as your body breaks it down, uses it, and removes it. This is why it is soo hard to kick an addiction, your body is now chemically dependent on the ingredients found in the unhealthy/processed (junk) foods. The same is true for natural chemicals that are found in excess in your body, so lets say you eat very healthy, but too much, your body has become accustomed to the high levels of chemicals from those foods in your blood stream, so when you try to bring that back to normal the withdrawal hunger 'fangs' come out!

Check out some of my hunger pangs remedies here.
What are somethings you do to get through the 3 day cravings hump of your diet?

Day 1

The Adjustment

The first day on this diet regime was very tough for me. In the morning I woke up feeling more energetic and well rested than I have in awhile, but very dehydrated. The lemon Mega-T water and detox pills kept me feeling full past lunch, but I became very thirsty around the mid-day. I was able to drink water and the feeling went away until around dinner time, I started to develop dizziness not in connection to hunger pangs, but more possibly related to dehydration. In the evening I had the pleasure of going to see the hilarious "Bring Him To the Greek" and laughed from beginning to end, but in the middle of the movie, I broke out in a cold sweat and felt like my heart was racing. I have no idea if it was the excitement from the film, or if it was a side effect from the detox pills. I have made note of the strange side effect, and if it happens again I may discontinue using the pills and try a different detox option. 
Physically, my body already feels lighter, due to the fact that the water and detox pills seem to do what they claim.  Excuse me here by saying this, but 'you may experience frequent trips to the bathroom' is definitely an understatement.  I am starting to see muscle definition and my pants are already looser (no doubt due to significant water loss). The last few hours of the day were particularly hard, I am not hungry, but I can tell my body is craving a sweet treat. Fortunately re-adjusting my diet; eliminating most carbs, high sugars, caffeine, high saturated fat foods, and minimizing my portion sizes, has made me ridiculously tired, putting me on a very regular sleep schedule. I could get used to this!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 0

The Last Supper
 Tonight I partake in the last supper, before I begin my 10lbs in 10 days trial experiment for my article investigating diet claims for Latino Weekly Review. I am anxious to start this long journey, and excited to share my experience with you. I also believe that if I publicly declare this experiment I will be less likely to sway away from the task. An additional motivation, my boss at Latino Weekly Review has put a $50.00 bet for me if I complete the task in the required time.

This being said, my article is not about promoting weight loss and a trim figure, but rather it is an experiment to see if diet claims really do all they are cracked up to do. Since I am under a time frame to write an article I have decided to create a custom regime that will actually be testing several diets at once. Most individuals try a combination of products to jump-start and then regulate their diets so I have decided to stick with a combination of a weight-loss/metabolism booster/appetite suppressor products and a supplement detox plan. My plan for the next 10 days can be found on my Diet Regime and Workout Routine pages. Let the games begin!

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I have finally harnessed the power of the inter-connected digital highway! If all runs to plan, according to 2 very informative blogs and the help of when I post a new blog a link on my twitter account will appear within 30 minutes. Fingers-crossed it will be a success!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Music is a very powerful thing. It can inspire, it can change your outlook, it can bring on a range of emotions from extreme sadness to extreme joy. It can get your thru a workout, and it can get your thru a funeral. Music reminds me of different people. Im trying to put together a list of songs that remind me of my people in my life. Some music has the best lyrics ever, some only have 3.. and it is the musical rhythm or score that is inspiring. Im being really vague, but I still feel so many people can understand what I am trying to say... music is amazing. 

Think about it.. what songs bring on the strongest memories, feelings, emotions, thoughts in your life? 

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What to Say?

Today is my first post ever. I have decided to start this blog as a healthy outlet for my thoughts. I have so many thoughts, and feel many people do to but they express them in very different ways.
Some people write music, some people dance, some people cook, some people paint, and still others sing, and do something creative. Yet others do something destructive, they beat something up, the maliciously talk about someone behind their back, they steal, they drink, they smoke, engage in recreational drugs. I figure there are enough destructive things happening in this world, Im going to add something constructive and write out my thoughts instead of act out my thoughts. I am a very visual person, and from a young age was discouraged to write because of my poor spelling and grammar habits- thank goodness for modern marvels such as the computer, spell check, a free thinking college professor, and my pure lack of nothing else better to do that has lead me to find the joy and magic in unbridled, uninhibited, CREATIVE WRITING.

Thanks for visiting!

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