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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 0

The Last Supper
 Tonight I partake in the last supper, before I begin my 10lbs in 10 days trial experiment for my article investigating diet claims for Latino Weekly Review. I am anxious to start this long journey, and excited to share my experience with you. I also believe that if I publicly declare this experiment I will be less likely to sway away from the task. An additional motivation, my boss at Latino Weekly Review has put a $50.00 bet for me if I complete the task in the required time.

This being said, my article is not about promoting weight loss and a trim figure, but rather it is an experiment to see if diet claims really do all they are cracked up to do. Since I am under a time frame to write an article I have decided to create a custom regime that will actually be testing several diets at once. Most individuals try a combination of products to jump-start and then regulate their diets so I have decided to stick with a combination of a weight-loss/metabolism booster/appetite suppressor products and a supplement detox plan. My plan for the next 10 days can be found on my Diet Regime and Workout Routine pages. Let the games begin!


Juan Leal said...

Cool blog Jess, put me down for $20! But you got to show me proof if you win. =)

Jessica Just said...

Thanks I am thinking about posting an extension with stats and pics, working out those details now.

Thanks for visiting!

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