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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 2

Hunger 'Fangs' 

I am going to dedicate all of day 2's post to hunger pangs.  At the start of every diet most people don't make it past the 3rd day hump. Most people can get through the first day because of the excitement, but by the second day every craving you ever had starts coming out of the wood works. Every anxiety, panic attack, pain and excuse to stop your diet and give in to your old habits hit you the hardest. From most diet blogs I have read, the second day hump is the result of your body beginning to detox itself of free-radicals from unhealthy foods and stress you had previously. So lets say you had a chocolate milkshake, two days before, well that shake is still being processed in your intestines, so by the time the 2nd day comes around it has entered your blood stream and has left a memory/addictive chemical in your body, instigating the body to replace it as your body breaks it down, uses it, and removes it. This is why it is soo hard to kick an addiction, your body is now chemically dependent on the ingredients found in the unhealthy/processed (junk) foods. The same is true for natural chemicals that are found in excess in your body, so lets say you eat very healthy, but too much, your body has become accustomed to the high levels of chemicals from those foods in your blood stream, so when you try to bring that back to normal the withdrawal hunger 'fangs' come out!

Check out some of my hunger pangs remedies here.
What are somethings you do to get through the 3 day cravings hump of your diet?

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